Six Flags Magic Mountain (Summer)
Valencia, California
Theme Park Crews, Lifeguard
ผู้สมัครที่เลือกงานนี้ จะต้องทดสอบภาษาอังกฤษได้เกรด B ขึ้นไป
Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355

สวนสนุกชื่อดังใกล้ Los Angeles ที่นี่รับผู้สมัครไปทุกปี มีหลายตำแหน่ง เช่น คุมเครื่องเล่น, อาหารและเครื่องดื่ม และ Lifeguard อากาศที่นี่จะดีมากๆ มีรถรับส่ง และอยู่ใกล้สถานที่ท่องเที่ยวหลายแห่งด้วยค่ะ



Six Flags Entertainment Corporation owns and operates regional theme parks and water parks, and is the largest regional theme park operator in the world. The Company owns and operates 19 parks, of which 17 are located in the United States, one in Mexico City, Mexico and one in Montreal, Canada. If you're looking for on-the-job fun and to develop new skills, explore the employment opportunities at Six Flags. Become an important part of a real team, while gaining experience in ride operations, admissions, food services, retail, entertainment, guest relations and more! At Six Flags, you will enjoy the challenges of working in an invigorating, fun environment, while interacting with a very diverse group of interesting people. You'll make new friends, enjoy great benefits and perks, and be surrounded by mouth-watering food, entertainment, games and rides. The energy is electric and the excitement is all around you every day. In fact, you may begin to wonder if you are working or having a paid vacation. There's no experience that can quite compare. Six Flags is your TICKET to a fun-filled future working with exceptional people and having hours of fun.

Food Host/Hostess - Duties and Responsibilities 

• Responsible for the cooking and/or serving food in accordance to SFMM standards

• Be aware of and learn proper cooking temperatures, times, holding procedures, etc.

• Must be able to communicate with guests • Ability to work in a “kitchen” environment

• Must greet each guest as they walk up to a location

• Must be able to move quickly ad be on feet for long periods of time

• Responsible for cleanliness of outdoor and indoor seating areas

• Removal of garbage and transportation to disposal area

• Must be able to work in team environment

• Responsible for daily bank and its reconciliation in compliance with the SFMM over/short policy

• Some lifting of heavy material may be required

• Commitment to department and park standards

• Comply with all SFMM polices and procedures

• Willfully perform duties in any department at SFMM when necessary

• Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned

• Perform other incidental and related duties as required and assigned  


Ride Host/Hostess - Duties and Responsibilities

• Comply with Six Flags New England polices and procedures

• Assist guests on and off the attraction

• Operate ride in a safe manner

• Ensure that all aspects of the ride cycle comply with normal safety procedures

• Participant in emergency response • Will fully perform duties in any department of SFMM when necessary

• Be an active team member of the Operations Division and Rides Department

• Perform both general cleaning and bodily fluid cleansing duties in order to maintain clean and safe environment for guests and team members

• Follow all delegated tasks assigned by Rides Management or as stated in the Operations Standard Operating Procedures

• Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned


Cash Control Agent - Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensure proper safeguard of park assets by following policy and procedures

• Follow Department of Labor standards in the department and park

• Follow the Park and department grooming guidelines  

• Support the Mantra and goals of Six Flags  

• Perform Park runs to In-Park locations  

• Prepare cash/check bank deposits  

• Assist in the data entry of sales and revenue of tills  

• Assist in the collection and reconciliation of cash drops  

• Assist in checking out/in tills in the park  

• Assist in the reconciliation of loose/rolled coin of tills bags  

• Assist in balancing of Park Till Fund  

• Process incoming ATM cash shipments and replenishments  

• Assist in the delivery of cash and coin to the Games Department  

• Assist in general office filing and record retention  

• Other duties as assigned by Lead, Seasonal Supervisor, Sr. Seasonal Supervisor and FT Supervisor


Retail Host/Hostess - Duties and Responsibilities

• Operate cash register

• Operate credit card machine

• Operate pricing machine

• Use pricing gun, pin tagger and tagger gun

• Interact with guests

• Display merchandise

• Take inventory

• Stock merchandise

• Use a dumbwaiter and dolly

• Keep location clean and tidy


Game Attendant - Duties and Responsibilities

A Game Attendant initiates guest interaction and handles guest interactions such as questions, complaints and requests for assistance. Game Attendants must maintain a positive and friendly attitude. The position requires participants to maintain area atmosphere with the use of a spieling microphone. Participants will be required to handle multiple cash transactions in an efficient manner without the use of a calculator. Game Attendants ensure that the location is clean and organized, and do general cleaning such as sweeping floors, cleaning machines, aisles and ordering supplies. They must control game operation, such as depositing sales, awarding prizes and explaining game rules.


Lifeguard - Duties and Responsibilities

• Ensuring guest safety and provide exceptional guest service.  

• Standing/sitting in and out of water for long periods of time.  

• Recognize and respond effectively in emergencies.  

• Enforce all aquatic facility policies, rules, and regulations.  

• Inspect facility as required and report any unsafe conditions or equipment.  

• Maintaining skills at a rescue-ready level at all times.  

• Remain alert and attentive at all times.  

• Participate in regular in-service training sessions.  

• Maintain professional lifeguarding practices at all times.  

• Keep the facilities and property clean and comfortable for guests.  

• Female employees are expected to work even during menstruation with the use of tampons.  

• Complete additional duties as assigned by supervisor. 

$ 13.25 Per Hour
32 - 40 Hours
Self-Arranged (ผู้สมัครจะต้องหาที่พักเองนะคะ)
*ผู้สมัครที่เลือกงานนี้จะต้องรับผิดชอบในการหาที่พักเอง ทางทีมงานจะไม่สามารถจัดหาที่พักให้น้องได้นะคะ